Size Guide

Shopping sizes online can be difficult. Nobody likes ordering clothes that come in the wrong fit.

Let us help you by making an informed decision with our size guide ๐Ÿ“

A good thing to know when shopping on our webshop, is that we use the same Stanley/Stella clothing for all designs. For example, if you would already own a Medium Hoodie of ours and see another design you also like, that Medium Hoodie will be the exact same size.ย So thatโ€™s a relief, right?

How to measure

A/ Measure side to side 2.5cm just below the stitch of the sleeves. Why 2.5 cm below the sleeve? Because the fabric widens a bit just below the sleeve, which makes it more difficult to measure accurately.ย 

Attention: be sure to measure the garment on a flat surface and not while you're wearing it. Also measure just the front, not the back included.

B/ Measure from the top right next to the neck stitch to the bottom of your garment. Try to measure as parallel as possible with the side of your garment.

See image for more info.

C/ Measure from the top stitch of your sleeve all the way to the bottom.

See image for more info.

Done measuring?

Compare the results of your favourite piece with the table in this size guide.

Be sure to double check youโ€™re looking up the t-shirt table when youโ€™re comparing the t-shirt, and not the hoodie.ย 

T-shirts & Hoodies

After this step, you can be confident the size you order will be a perfect match ๐Ÿค

More questions?ย 

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