we're Mooshie!

Who are you guys?

Nicolas Overmeire & Jef Willem started Onbespreekbaar to make an impact for mental health 🗣

We sold merchandise to fund our podcasts and donate money to charities like TEJO, collecting no less than €8085. 

What started with a podcast, grew out to be a platform reaching more than 6 million people in Belgium and The Netherlands. 

We dream to wake up where talking about mental health is no longer a taboo. 

When we collectively feel the freedom to talk about mental wellbeing, we build the foundation for a society that finds power in vulnerability. 

Thanks to our vulnerability we can fertilise the soil for genuine connections, creativity, pleasure and hope. 

Onbespreekbaar wants to build on this idea through a platform, podcasts, events and collabs with other mental health organisations. 

Our first stock

Office view

Although finding our passion in Onbespreekbaar, there’s an honest truth: earning money with this platform is hard, and we've also got bills to pay 🤷‍♂️

When our merchandise supplier decided to quit, it ignited a spark to follow in their trail. 

We decided to take over the machines and office creating a new baby: Mooshie. 

Mooshie is a half invented word that means soft, like our clothing and our community. 

While it’s all very new and there’s still so much to learn, it’s also very exciting to have the chance to start this new chapter.

Feel free to follow us along in our journey of trying to make it as a merchandise company and make an impact💛

The Headquarters


Wiedauwkaai 23A Gent

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